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How We Craft Sea Salt From Ocean Water
Off to Harvest
2. The seawater is simmered until delicate crystals of salt begin to appear on the surface, then grow and sink to form the salt bed.

1.   We begin with the ocean waters off the rugged Mendocino coast.  It is here that the unique undersea typography forces strong upwelling of pure, mineral rich sea water from the ocean depths.  This is the special seawater that is the source of our hand crafted Mendocino Sea Salt.
Raking the salt
3.   The young salt is then raked, drained and gently layered onto open evaporating pans. It is at this point that the true distinctiveness of our sea salt is shaped. Knowing exactly how much heat to gently apply at this stage of the process is an art and must be carefully monitored.

4. The result of this hand crafted process is a light crystal reminiscent of a snowflake with a crisp feel and a complete lack of coarseness or bitter aftertaste.  And, because our salt crystals are light and crispy, the use of a salt grinder is never necessary.  Mendocino Sea Salt brings out the true depth of natural flavors in any dish.
Crystal close up
Custom Smokehouse
Our hand crafted Mendocino Sea Salt also forms the base for our Nori Salt and our Mendocino Seasoning.

Nori Salt blends our sea salt with Nori (edible seaweed) and toasted sesame seeds to create a subtle "briny" and nut flavored salt.

Mendocino Seasoning blends our salt with natural spices to create an incredible all-purpose seasoning that will enhance the flavor of meats, pastas, salads, fish or poultry.
"At first taste we were hooked",  Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn        "Your seasoning is absolutely devine",  Linda Friedman - Moose Cafe in Mendocino    "The quality of your salt crystals are superb",   Mitchell Darland - Arras France     "… your product has become indispensable in our kitchen."    Brooks Larson - Sacramento     "..the best "food" tasted that whole day."    Chef Claudia Imatt -    "It's local, it's amazing and it's healthy!"    Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn    "I live in France and have received your full line of salts from a relative and am very impressed!!!"    Mitchell Darland - Arras France    "We picked up some salt and some of the blend and we've been using it on everything".    Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn    "…thank you for making such a wonderful product!"    Mitchell Darland - Arras France
Raking the young salt
Salt crystals
Bob and Freckles at our salt works
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